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Our ambition with the make Noise family is to open the opportunity for collaboration with our local music scene. This goes from micro to macro level and it's all about supporting those who wish to enjoy the music culture in Sheffield. we're just starting out but please read more about our current partners and if you're interested in working with us, please get in touch!

One of the most famous local venues in Sheffield has partnered with us! Now with their own room in our space, Corp is more integrated with our service. Fill in our reward cards on the front counter to get a free night out at Corp and fill in enough cards to earn the chance to play there! Drop us an email or give us a ring for more information!

Corporation Room Decal.jpg

Our new booking service comes from Andy, the brains behind Jammed. The system is specifically designed for rehearsal studios like our own and is all about supporting musicians. We're pleased and honoured to be working with him going forward.

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