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Terms & Conditions

Lockdown 2 Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before making your booking to ensure you are meeting Government guidelines on rehearsing during this time.

We are now able to reopen under sightly more strict guidelines. Please follow all rules and help to keep everybody safe during these challenging times:

- You must be a full or part-time professional band or artist to be permitted to rehearse. To meet the minimum requirement you must be working towards a paid gig, or have generated an income from your music, for example: streaming royalties (no matter how small or large the amount)

- No more than 6 members will be allowed in each room due to social distancing guidlines

- Non-band members will not be permitted to enter the building.

- It is now mandatory to wear a mask or face covering in our facility, as soon as you get to your room this can be removed.

- One member of your band must scan our Track and Trace QR code every time you rehearse.

- You must adhere to current Government guidelines on Covid-19.

Follow government guidelines on self isolating, should you or anybody in your group show signs or test positive for Covid-19 you must inform your band members and contact us so that we can inform anybody that may also need to self isolate.

You will be asked to agree to these Terms & Conditions when making your booking.


The Practice Sheffield Team


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